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Life changes you should tell your insurer about

List of checkboxes and a hand

Marriage, children, divorce – we look at the major life changes you should tell your insurer about to make sure your cover still fits your circumstances.

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Top five festive travel tips

The view from a train door window

Whether you're hitting the shops or battling miserable weather to see friends and family, make sure you're on the right track this winter by reading our top tips for festive train travel.

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Don't fall prey to fraudsters when Christmas shopping online

Credit card on a computer keyboard

Doing your Christmas shop online? New findings from the National Fraud Authority show that £10 billion is lost to online fraud every year in the UK – mostly over the festive period.

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Santa's insurance costs

Digital TV

Santa has the best job in the world, since he only has to work one day per year. How much does it cost to insure all those reindeer, presents and that sleigh for just one day a year?

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The 12 days of Christmas recovery

Digital TV

Perhaps it's the months-long build up coming to an abrupt halt, or perhaps it's the overspending, but the post-Christmas slump happens to us all. This year, try winding down the holiday season with our 12-step program for beating the blues and getting your financial ducks (or reindeer) in a row for 2011!

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This Lent, I’m giving up Lent logo on the laptop screen

It’s that time of year, when smokers say they’re giving up cigarettes and lots of us women attempt to forgo chocolate.

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Another year, another trek to get rid of unwanted presents logo on the laptop screen

New Year is here, which means it’s time for my least favourite trip to the shops. Nope, I don’t mean battling a million other shoppers to bag a bargain in the sales.

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Life after smartphones? logo on the laptop screen

Christmas time: arguably the most social time of the year, and my phone, the hub of my social life, spontaneously combusted. Okay, I’m being a wee bit dramatic - it didn’t actually combust, but it might as well have.

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None for the road logo in a laptop screen

As part of our campaign to put a stop to drink driving, Julie Townsend, campaigns director at road-safety charity Brake, explains why the problem still haunts our roads, contrary to what we might think..

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Somebody to love ‘Unplugged’ logo on the laptop screen

Here it is – a stripped back, unplugged version of Somebody to Love, the Queen hit I recorded in’s recent TV ad.

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