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Top tips if you're leaving your home alone this Christmas

Top tips if you're leaving your Home Alone this Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for burglars, so we asked a little friend of ours for his top tips if you're planning on leaving your home alone over the festive period.

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Five steps to beat Christmas debts in advance

Family opening Christmas presents

The cost of the festive season can take the shine off Christmas for many of us. But a bit of forward planning can help you cope with the extra expense.

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Is it too early to put up your Christmas decorations?

christmas tree decorating

Two-thirds of Brits believe November is too soon to put up Christmas decorations. How early is too early for you?

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Festive goodwill lost on the roads

  •  07 Jan, 2014
An angry driver

Christmas seems to bring the worst out of motorists, a new poll suggests.

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10 ways to fight those Christmas £££s

Man worrying about Christmas finances

If your credit card or overdraft has been piling on the pounds over the festive season, it’s time to think about getting your finances back in shape. We explain how.

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Christmas storms wreak havoc in UK

  •  24 Dec, 2013
A car's windscreen in heavy rain

Two people are dead, thousands of homes left without power, and Christmas travel plans for many are in disarray following stormy conditions in the UK.

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Credit cards used more by men

  •  23 Dec, 2013
stack of credit cards

Male shoppers are more likely than women to use credit cards to fund their Christmas shopping this year, according to the latest research.

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Millions planning Christmas escape

  •  19 Dec, 2013
A family skiing

Dreams of a white Christmas are guaranteed to come true for some of the four million Brits planning to head abroad over the festive break.

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Does my contents policy cover me for Christmas gifts?

Presents under a Christmas tree

We've normally got more expensive stuff in our homes over Christmas. But are they covered by home insurance? Our home insurance expert explains all.

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Brits cut back for Christmas

  •  13 Dec, 2013
Christmas pound

Many people in the UK are considering a frugal existence in the run-up to Christmas, according to a new survey.

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