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Who wants to be a millionaire?

Infographic showing the number of years to earn £1Million

Most A-list celebrities can earn £1 million in less than a month, but how long would it take you to become a millionaire? This infographic does the maths for you.

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Joey Essex plays the Compendium of Confusion quiz

The Compendium of Confusion quiz with Joey Essex and BRIAN the Robot

Watch Joey Essex take part in the Compendium of Confusion quiz to help educate him on topics that he's about.

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Joey Essex launches the Compendium of Confusion

Joey Essex launches the Compendium of Confusion

Watch Joey Essex describe topics, including the Scottish Referendum, to Mastermind champion Clive Dunning.

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The Oscars: 14 awesome facts

Teaser image for Oscars infographic

The Oscars comes around once a year in a cloud of glitz and glamour befitting of some of the worlds biggest stars. We take a look at some awesome things you didn't know about the Oscars and their history.

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Celebrity holidays from hell – how trip insurance can solve travel tragedies

Kelly Brook - photo taken by Guy Jaques

Trips away aren’t always a time of rest and relaxation, even if you’re rich and famous the dream of lying by a pool in the sun can turn into a nightmare. looks at celebrity holiday disasters, and how travel insurance can help put things right.

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Become an expert at antique bargain spotting

a selection of antiques at auction

How do you tell the difference between an antique asset and a piece of old tat? One thing’s for sure, get it right and your stylish addition to your home could also prove a safe and lucrative investment.

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Britain’s got burglars! Why glamorous celebs need unglamorous home insurance

A large stately home

A spate of celebrity burglaries highlights the importance of adequate home and car insurance, by

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Profession penalises drivers

  • laptop

New research from, the UK's leading car insurance price comparison service

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