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Driven to distraction...

  •  27 Sep, 2013
Driver being annoyed by his passenger

New research from reveals how troublesome passengers are endangering drivers.

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Car review: 2013 Subaru Forester SUV

Subaru Forester exterior

Having a conversation in Subaru's new Forester SUV is like having a chat in a busy pub, writes car reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay, but he's otherwise impressed.

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Blog: Would you prang and run?

Man checking his car for scratches

You've parked your car in a car park, done your shopping – and come back to find it scratched or scuffed! The victim of shoddy parking by another motorist.

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Blog: Can a car-hire club beat owning a vehicle?

man hading woman car keys

Is selling your motor and using a car-hire club a viable option? Jos Davies, SEO campaign manager at, did exactly this. So how has it worked out?

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Drivers fail to check insurance cost before buying car

Young man and woman in a car

Young drivers are being forced to park their cars because of the high cost of car insurance, finds exclusive research by

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So Solid Star Re-Records Noughties Garage Hit, ‘21 Seconds’

  •  20 Sep, 2013
confused romeo

Leading price comparison site has teamed up with So Solid Crew artist Romeo as part of a new awareness campaign targeting the UK’s ‘boy and girl racers’.

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Blog: Are you a sucker for a new car?

Car salesman and buyer shaking hands

Only 3 per cent of annual new car sales are made in August compared with 17 per cent in September when new plates are released. Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy asks: Are you a sucker for a new motor?

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How insurers decide liability in a multi-car accident

Sheppey Kent pile-up

A multi-car pile-up in Sheppey, Kent, earlier this month, has been blamed on drivers not adapting to the foggy conditions. We take a closer look at this - and at how insurers decide liability in such cases.

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The best and worst Vauxhall cars ever made

Vauxhall Chevette

Vauxhall has been one of the most popular car manufacturers of all time – but some models have enjoyed more success than others, writes motoring journalist Rob Griffin.

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Where can you make the biggest switching savings?

Money in a wallet

New rules that will make it easier to switch bank account are expected to lead to a sharp increase in the number of transfers carried out.

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