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What the rise in insurance tax means for you

Family leaning out of a car window

The government is raising the rate of tax on motor and home premiums by more than 50% in November. This is likely to have a big impact on the cost of cover.

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Age appropriate cars

Mature businessman driving convertible

Driving a hot hatch in your sixties? Or perhaps you're an 18-year-old considering a Volvo. How old you are is a crucial factor when deciding on a suitable vehicle, says motor writer Rob Griffin.

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How to pass your driving theory test

Car driving test
Breeze through your Car driving theory exam with our top tips.  Read More…

Motorists demand end to insurance policy jargon

Confused man using laptop

New research shows thousands of drivers think their insurance policies lack transparency and are difficult to understand. We identify the most common problems.

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How to keep your kids happy on the road

Girl crying in the car
Worried you won’t be able to keep the children entertained on your next long car journey? We've got you covered.  Read More…

Tolerance and incidence of drink driving in the UK

Drink driving
A breakdown of when and who is most likely to drink drive.  Read More…

Would you park on a stranger's drive?

Car parked on drivway
What would you do if you came home to find someone else's car on your driveway?  Read More…

Would you pass a drug-driving test?

Assorted drugs
Police and ministers are tackling drug driving with new laws and limits for both legal and illegal drugs. Would you pass the test?  Read More…

Police powers to stop and search motorists

Parked UK police car
What powers do the police have to stop and search motorists? Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller explains all.  Read More…

Motoring offences and when not to hire a lawyer

Post it notes for rules, regulations, laws and standards.
Penalties for breaking motoring regulations and rules can vary massively. When is it right to call for the help of a lawyer?  Read More…