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Holiday checklist: 11 things to remember before a family break

Family on a beach holiday with sunset background

Heading off on a family jaunt? We’ve put together a list of things to remember, which could save you time, money and stress.

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Breakdown kit checklist

A motorist witha broken down car in the snow
The ultimate checklist for when your car breaks down come rain or shine.  Read More…

10 steps to prepare your car for winter

Woman on phone after car broken down in winter

With winter approaching, a few minutes' maintenance could see your car through the worst the weather has to offer.

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Would you pass the dashboard warning light test?

Car dashboard with warning lights and speed dials

Modern cars have an array of dashboard warning lights to let drivers know when something’s wrong. But do you take notice of them? Here's our guide to what they mean and why you shouldn't ignore them. 

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How to drive safely in wet weather

Car with driver side mirror covered in rain

As the British winter draws nearer drivers are being advised to take care on wet roads. Here are our top tips for driving safely in the rain.

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Lost car keys common cause of breakdown callouts

Man handing woman car keys

Losing your car keys is a common cause of breakdown services. We look at your options if you're standing by the side of the road unable to get into your car.

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Changing a flat tyre: DIY or call a mechanic?

Man changing a car tyre

When you get a flat tyre is your first reaction to roll up your sleeves and change the wheel yourself - or would you call a breakdown service or mechanic to do it for you?

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How to keep an older motor going

A car key electronically opening a car

The average car in the UK is 7.44 years old. Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy asked car experts for tips on how to keep an older motor going.

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The toughest cars ever made

crash test dummy

Forget safety ratings - the only way of truly testing a car's toughness is to put it through its paces on a banger racing circuit.

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How to wear a seatbelt when you're pregnant

pregnant driver
Driving with a baby bump can be awkward. Motoring writer Maria McCarthy looks at how mums-to-be can remain comfortable behind the wheel.  Read More…