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Blog: Telling pensioners when they'll die makes sense

A sand-timer

The government's idea that retirees should be told when they're likely to die has been met with shock. But this information is vital for financial planning.

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Blog: Why aren’t you saving for retirement?

Retirement fund jar

Workplace pension auto-enrolment launched one year ago and has led to more people saving for retirement. But why are some workers still holding out?

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Blog: Stop this pension meddling!

houses of parliament

It is party conference season at the moment, and as usual we are seeing a number of policy proposals – from the sensible to the downright bizarre – being put forward by LibDem, Tory and Labour bigwigs.

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Gender gap in the world of finance

Title image for gender differences graphic

The European Court of Justice has ruled that, by December 2012, insurers in the United Kingdom will no longer be able to consider gender as a factor when determining premiums for various financial services. Ever wondered how men and women compare in other areas? We take a look.

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The rising cost of pensioners in an aging population

Cost of pensioners infographic teaser

The pension system is reaching critical point. People aren't saving enough for reitrement, and we're living longer past the retirement age than ever before. This puts a huge burden on the government to provide state pensions.

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How Britons save for retirement

Pounds and pensions infographic teaser

Still reeling from the global economic turmoil of recent years, people of all ages have retirement on the brain. Is it still possible? What's the best way to ensure financially security in retirement? We explore how we're preparing for our golden years.

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Should you pay off debt or start a pension?

A piggy bank

If you have debts and no pension savings, which should you prioritise? We look at both options and evaluate the benefits of certain pension schemes to help you decide.

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Default retirement age scrapped: Your rights

Young man vs old man in race

New rules have come into effect which mean employers can no longer force staff to retire when they reach 65. Here’s what the changes mean for your working rights.

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Blog: High pension fees rob retirement income

Calculating your finances

Personal finance author David Craig says it is time to lay out a few important facts about the high cost of pensions and why your retirement income is not as big as it should be.

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Money makeover: Almost 30 and no pension

Money protected by an umbrella

We help one reader who wonders if she’s left it too late to start putting money away for her old age.

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