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Pensions vs ISAs: We have a winner!

Piggy bank with notes

The government is scrapping tax on inherited pensions, yet another welcome policy change. We look at how pensions have been given a new lease of life.

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Would you really never want to retire?

Work or retire signpost

One in six people aged 65 and above never want to stop working, new research shows. Would you be happy to stay in work for the rest of your life?

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Retirees risk pension funds rotting in low-rate accounts

Senior savings

New pension rules will give savers more freedom over what to do with their retirement funds. But many just plan to stick the money in the bank.

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Retirees face shock tax bill for cashing in pensions


New rules which make it easier to take money out of a pension could have a sting in the tail, tax experts are warning.

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£3bn unclaimed in forgotten pension schemes

Rainbow and a pot of gold

More than £3 billion is thought to be languishing in unclaimed pensions. Here's how to get your hands on your share of this cash.

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Blog: Telling pensioners when they'll die makes sense

A sand-timer

The government's idea that retirees should be told when they're likely to die has been met with shock. But this information is vital for financial planning.

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Six ways to maximise your pension income

Male hand and six coin piles

Confusion over how to turn pension savings into retirement income is being blamed for the current annuity controversy. We explain how to get the right deal.

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Blog: Why five of six common ways to fund retirement will fail

pension fund savings tin

Six common ways to fund retirement - and why five will fail. Financial adviser Mary Waring explains all.

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Blog: How to beat Britain's pension crisis

Nest containing a broken egg

Is our pension system beyond salvation? Should we bother saving for old age? Chris Torney, personal finance editor of the Daily Express, gives his view.

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Calculate your retirement income in five simple steps

Retirement fund jar

Three-quarters of people nearing retirement don’t know what income they can expect once they stop working. Here are five steps to work out your future retirement income.

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