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QuickQuote terms and conditions

QuickQuote online service

The following sets out the terms and conditions for use of the QuickQuote service via the website and should be read in addition to the terms and conditions and privacy-policy.

1. To use the QuickQuote Service online (the “Online Service”) you must have an existing account with

2. The Online Service is free to use.

3. The Online Service is only available for private motor car insurance quotes with a valid UK car registration number.

4. By entering the car registration number and your account email address you will receive a price for motor insurance based on the quote information you last entered on the website.

5. If your last quote via the website was over 12 months from the use of the QuickQuote Online Service, certain variables will be rolled on a year. These are:

  • Date cover required
  • Claims and convictions for the proposer and additional drivers. (Items older than 5 years are removed.)
  • No Claims Bonus

We assume you have not yet purchased the vehicle. We also assume that the vehicle details are the same as your last recorded quote. These are:

  • If the car has been imported
  • If car is a right or left hand drive
  • If the car has an alarm and/or immobiliser
  • If the car has a tracker.

The Online Service assumes no other changes are required to your previous quote, including motoring convictions and claims.

6. The Online Service provides an indication of a car insurance price only. No guarantee of price availability is offered when using the Online Service. To receive an accurate car insurance quotation, you must use the website where you can check and resubmit your data.

7. The Online Service will be based on a vehicle look-up service utilised by and a typical market value for the vehicle will be incorporated in the Online Service.

8. The Online Service will be based on the standard vehicle specification at manufacturer. The quote will not incorporate any modifications that may be present on the vehicle, nor search any vehicle history.

9. will not ask for any personal information as part of the Online Service, but will use the personal information previously submitted as part of an online quote.

10. You are solely responsible for any decision you make as a result of using the Online Service.

11. reserve the right to withhold the Online Service from any user in the event that we consider the Online Service is being used to cause annoyance, inconvenience or distress to any person.

12. In the event of any queries or complaints, please contact

13. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions confers on any third party any benefit or any right to enforce any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

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