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UK consumers could save £150 million a year on credit card charges

  •  01 Feb, 2011
Credit cards

Whilst Government changes enforcing a positive order of repayments on credit cards are now saving consumers an estimated £500 a year, research from shows that UK consumers are collectively wasting £150 million ... 

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Failing to switch home insurance providers costs Brits £1.7 billion

  •  23 Mar, 2011
A picturesque home

New research from has revealed that 13% of households have never switched home insurance provider, and 70% have been with the same provider for more than a year. 

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Car insurance average costs continue to rocket

  •  13 Apr, 2011
Price index

The average cost of comprehensive car insurance stands at a whopping £835: a rise of £220 in the last 12 months. The good news for drivers is that price rises are slowing year-on-year, according to the Watson Car Insurance Price Index.

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Driving on roads without a driving licence

  •  08 Nov, 2011
View from the back seat of a car through a rainy windscreen

New shocking research by has unveiled that 13 per cent of people know someone who is driving on roads without a driving licence...

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More than a dozen energy conserving tips from

  •  07 Jun, 2011
Plug socket

No one wants to spend more money than they need to – especially for essentials such as gas and electricity.

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  •  21 Nov, 2011
Cycling issues video teaser image

Cyclist and motorist rage is in the spotlight this Road Safety Week (21-27 November 2011), and both cyclists and car owners have strong feelings about....

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The rise of social driviants

  •  19 Oct, 2011
Using phone while driving

Research by reveals a new safety threat to UK roads…motorists and their not-so-smart phones.

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UK drivers divided on government’s new roadworks idea

  •  30 Aug, 2011

UK motorists are divided on the proposal with almost half (49%) saying it’s a good plan...

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Keeping your condition a secret could invalidate your life insurance

  •  11 Nov, 2011
Medic caring for a patient

New Research by has revealed that 26 per cent of people only have a vague idea what diabetes is, and worryingly 22 per cent of diabetes sufferers are not comfortable telling people about their condition...

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Brits become nation of DIY lovers but pay the price in home insurance claims

  •  30 Nov, 2011
Photo of a row of houses

Fifty-three per cent of homeowners are doing their own home improvements due to an increase in living costs, however many projects are ending in disaster....

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