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Press releases becomes Wales largest toy manufacturer

  •  01 Apr, 2015

Launch of the BRIAN toy sees switch 20% of their workforce to toy making*

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Road rage in their machine

  •  20 Mar, 2015
Road rage

Britain’s roads are awash with angry drivers, with more than a third of motorists (37%) saying they’ve been involved in an incident of road rage, according to new research from

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Brits would like to see Valentine's day massacred

  •  14 Feb, 2015
couple in paris

Nearly one in seven Brits (15%) would like to see Valentine's day completely abolished

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Home is where... your mum is

  •  13 Mar, 2015
Mother and daughter
One in 20 (5%) Brits who have left home say they will wake up at their mum’s house on Mother’s Day  Read More…

Homes in Wales 'happiest' in the UK

Happy House Friends

The Welsh are the least likely to argue with the people they live with (63%)

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  •  06 Mar, 2015
BRIAN in space

Cardiff based business, FoundersHub are launching Cardiff’s first ever Space mission with the help of local school children from across the area – with’s mascot BRIAN the Robot at the helm.

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Silence is golden for Brits who live together

  •  06 Mar, 2015

Nearly one in 14 (7%) Brits say they have gone a week or longer without speaking to the person they live with face-to-face

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Penalty point swap shop

  •  26 Feb, 2015
A speedometer

One in twenty (5%) UK drivers have taken the rap for someone else's penalty points

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Bitter winter is snow joke for motorists

  •  30 Jan, 2015
Car in snow is urging motorists to take steps to protect themselves and their vehicles during the forthcoming cold snap and heavy snowfall.

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Robot 'bidding' wars

  •  13 Feb, 2015
BRIAN the robot

Must have BRIAN toys break the sites

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