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Back to school blues: Spiralling costs continue for parants

Back to school
It’s no secret that the summer holidays can be a costly affair for parents. But new research from reveals that the end of the summer holidays doesn’t mean the end of spending, with parents forking out £164 on average to kit their children out for the new school term. 

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BRIAN the Robot travels to infinity...and beyond!

  •  24 Aug, 2015
BRIAN in space, the leading price comparison website, has boldly gone where no other price comparison website has gone before by sending its lovable mascot, BRIAN the Robot, reaching for the stars on a one-robot mission to Space. 
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Move along, nothing to see here...

  •  20 Aug, 2015

Many motorists up and down the country are guilty of slowing down to ‘rubberneck’ at road traffic accidents, with almost half of Brits (48%) arguing that it is normal to be curious at the scene of a traffic accident, according to new research from

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BRIAN the Robot jumps on it in latest advert

  •  17 Aug, 2015
BRIAN the Robot

BRIAN gets some new direction from renowned commercial director, Michael Gracey

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Fridge dangers: the cold hard truth

  •  31 Jul, 2015
Fridge dangers

More Brits have suffered from food poisoning (34%) than an injury from DIY (22%)

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Drunk spending leaves Brits with a financial hangover

  •  15 Jul, 2015
Credit Card

Though it might feel like we’ve never been without it, celebrates its 20th birthday today (July 15th). And a slew of mass sales across the site to celebrate this momentous day could see even more people loosening the purse strings to shop online.

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Car insurance prices on the up!

Car Insurance Prices Car Insurance Price Index Q2 2015, reveals an annual price rise of 3.6%

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Seatbelt benefits being felt by Brits

  •  19 Jun, 2015
Not wearing a seatbelt is considered one of the ‘Fatal Five’ road offences that cause the most deaths on British roads – alongside speeding, alcohol, drugs and mobile phones. However, it would seem that UK motorists are heeding Police advice and belting up when on the roads.

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Couples pay the price for relationships

  •  05 Jun, 2015
Couple money
It’s a debate as old as time – are you financially better off in a relationship or as a single person? New research from can finally reveal that it’s in fact those who are single who are better off – to the tune of £2,340 a year.  Read More…

Eyes wide shut for UK Police Forces

  •  22 May, 2015
Speed camera
For drivers on British roads, it can often feel like all eyes are on them - in fact new FOI data obtained by reveals there are currently 1,714 fixed speed camera sites in use across the UK.

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