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A bone of contention…

  •  20 Feb, 2013
a pug tilting its head in confusion

Nearly two million* pet owners could face animal custody battles.

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Quarter of credit card owners don’t know what a credit rating is

  •  04 Mar, 2013
good and bad credit signpost

New research by shows how little UK credit card owners really know about their own credit rating. One in four (27%) don’t even know what the term credit rating stands for - a worrying statistic.

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EDF to raise energy costs by 10.8%!

  •  26 Oct, 2012
Thermostat control with pound sign

Today (26 October) energy supplier EDF has announced a 10.8 per cent hike in energy prices, effective from Friday 7 December 2012.

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1 in 3 ‘Worth More Dead than Alive’, but nearly 60% lack life insurance

  •  25 Oct, 2012

1 in 3 people in the UK (34%) say they are ‘worth more dead than alive’ according to new research* by, but 40% of people in the new study say that they have dependents who could not pay the bills if they died.

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Is Britain on the Road to Ruin?

  •  14 Feb, 2013
Animated roads and question mark sign

Brits call for road signs to be amended as nearly half of us (46%) find them distracting while driving.

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Car insurance prices rise by more than 12% year-on-year

  •  13 Oct, 2011
Price index

Drivers have been lumbered with an average year-on-year rise of 12.3% in the cost of comprehensive motor insurance cover: this equates to a £92 jump in just 12 months...

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Married females quids in on their car insurance premiums in Q4 2012...

  •  16 Jan, 2013
mage of a car with the words motoring and your money written

Married females were quids in on their car insurance premiums, paying £435 less than women who insured only themselves, the Watson Car Insurance Price Index shows.  Read More…

Car insurance prices plummet by 13.6% for drivers under 20, in Watson Q3 index

  •  03 Nov, 2012
Image of a car with the words motoring and your money written on

Insurers sweeten their offer to female drivers before gender ruling hits.

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Counting the cost of motoring convictions

  •  27 Feb, 2013
A yellow speed camera as seen in the UK reveals the top ten motoring convictions that could cost UK drivers hundreds of pounds each year

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Great Britain is a nation refusing to grow up - ‘Peter Pan generation’ still living at home

  •  05 Oct, 2012
Mature parents and adult children

Brits begin to count the cost of carpe diem lifestyle as nearly half (49%) of lost boys and girls live in debt topping £9,000.

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