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Value of pet insurance claims rises

Dog with an injured paw26/10/2011

By Shane Gladstone

Research has revealed that the average pet insurance claim shot up by more than 30 per cent in value last year.

Sainsbury's Finance said that the average claim for vets' bills rose 34 per cent last year, with claims for crossbreed dogs going from £333.83 in 2009 to £416.35 in 2010.

Also on the rise was the value of claims for a crossbreed cat, going from £253.84 in 2009 to £327.54 last year.

Pedigree pooches and moggies also saw the value of their claims increase, reaching £469.20 and £419.92 respectively. This is compared with 2009's figure of £416.33 for dogs and £327.55 for cats.

Helen Williams, head of Sainsbury's Pet Insurance, said: "Those with pedigree pets can often face even higher veterinary bills because these animals often suffer more from hereditary health problems."

The figures also show that people are taking longer to mull over pet insurance, with one in 10 not arranging any until they have had their pet for half a year.

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