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Pets enjoy Christmas dinners


By Shane Gladstone

Research suggests that many pet owners will have plated up some Christmas dinner for their beloved animals this year.

The survey by Co-operative pet insurance found that almost two-fifths of pet owners were planning on giving their trusty sidekick a slice of roast turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas Day.

The insurer said that 37 per cent of pet owners it polled had planned to give their pets some human food - despite the average Christmas dinner weighing in at 900 calories.

It is thought that with a bellyful of turkey and stuffing, pampered pooches up and down the country will be forfeiting their afternoon walk for a snooze in front of the television.

But the message to the pets was enjoy it while it lasts, for a tenth of owners said they had put their pets on a diet after previous Christmas excesses.

And it wasn't just turkey being served to dogs - mince pies, cocktail sausages and prawns also made an appearance on the festive pet plate.

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