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Holiday troubles for pet owners

A sleeping dog close up07/09/2011

Emma Sword

Nearly half of pet owners were forced to leave their animals behind this summer as they struggled to find accommodation which would accept their furry friends.

Some 75 per cent of owners said they would have enjoyed their breaks a lot more if their pets had been by their side. Instead eight out of ten said they spent their break worrying about their pet back home, with 47 per cent saying they failed to find pet friendly accommodation.

The poll, by More Than Pet Insurance, found 57 per cent of owners would have been willing to pay an extra fee to take their pet with them on their holidays, with a fifth prepared to pay up to £25 more.

Popular holidays for dog lovers included walking, camping and seaside trips while top pet-friendly locations were found to be Scotland, Wales and south-west England.

John Ellenger, head of More Than Pet Insurance, said: "While there are many pet friendly hotels across the country, our research indicates that the UK tourism industry could be cashing in on the demand for pet-cations by providing more dog friendly options."

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