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Insuring Fenton: A dog's tale

If you’ve seen out latest TV adverts then you’ll know Cara has a new companion, pet dog Fenton. Find out more about him, including how much it’s going to cost Cara to get him insured.

We recently held a poll on's Facebook page to name Cara’s dog, and the runaway winner was Fenton.

But Cara knew that just as important as choosing the right name for her dog, was getting him insured.

If you’re looking at buying a pet insurance policy, follow Cara’s top tips as she goes over Fenton’s history and shops around for cover.

Fenton: The background

Fenton, as he is now known, was born in March 2010 and is a pedigree dachshund.

He was not long born before being sold to a cruel family who largely ignored him and didn’t even give him a name, instead simply referring to him as “dog”.

Although the family didn’t care much for Fenton, they did care about selling him on for a good price, so they made sure he had all his vaccinations and was neutered.


Fenton was never microchipped, but if he was, Cara may need to know the microchip number for the quote, as some insurers ask for this.

When Cara came to look at Fenton he was all alone, curled up and cold in his kennel in the back garden, as he wasn’t allowed inside the house.

She knew then and there that he would be much better off with her, and bought him on the spot for the princely sum of £700.

And the rest is history, as they say. But what of the insurance quote?

Insuring Fenton

Using the above information, the cheapest pet insurance quote Cara found was £6.38 per month - or £76.56 annually - from Animal Friends.

This is a time limited policy that covers up to £3,000 worth of vet fees, up to £1m third party liability costs – which are very important if you dog has a moment of madness and hurts someone – and £350 if, heaven forbid, Fenton was to die.

But Cara decided to get quotes for lifetime pet insurance policies as well.

Lifetime cover means that where in Fenton gets a condition that may take some years to treat - such as diabetes or arthritis - a "lifetime" policy will cover that condition for more than the first 12 months.

Lifetime pet insurance also means the cover will be renewed for following years even where a claim has been made as long as Cara continues to pay the premiums.

However, terms and conditions do differ slightly between insurer, so make sure to check the small print before signing up.

By choosing a lifetime policy, Cara has the peace of mind that Fenton will always be covered for any care that he may need.

The cheapest quote lifetime quote was also from Animal Friends at £12.17 per month - £146.04 annually.

Peace of mind

The level of cover is better too, with £20,000 worth of vet fees, £1.5m for third party liability costs, and £750 for death.

Fortunately, Fenton is currently fit, healthy and happier than ever. And he can be seen in the latest advert jumping into the air balloon with his new owner, Cara.

Who knows what he’ll get up to next.

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