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Best dressed pets competition winners

best dressed pet competition
For Halloween, held a Best Dressed Pets competition and the entries were tremendous.  Read More…

13 pet owners who totally nailed Halloween

dog with a witch hat
We love our pets as they are, but especially when they look like someone or something else.  Read More…

Top 10 pet names revealed

Happy kitten
Cat and dog owners are favouring human-style names for their pets. But which names are the most popular?  Read More…

Dog lovers warned over puppy-farm scam

Puppy asleep in cage teaser
Animal lovers are being warned to make sure they do not buy dogs which have been raised in inhumane conditions on puppy farms.  Read More…

Who's your pet champion?


Who will be your champion? Cat or dog?

  Read More…

20 pets who have absolutely no chill

cat jumping
These cats and dogs are right keeners and seriously need to chill.  Read More…

How to protect pets on Bonfire Night

Cute dog and cat
Our 6 tips to ensure your pet gets through the firework season safe and sound.  Read More…

The cost of giving a pet at Christmas

Two kittens surrounded by Christmas decorations
A pet is a gift that keeps on giving in terms of love and affection. But it's also one that goes on costing – throughout its life.  Read More…

Why are our furry friends getting fatter?

pug on scales teaser
We all love our pets but are we doing enough to keep them at a healthy weight?  Read More…

Watch the highlights of The Pet Show 2013

Highlights of The Pet Show 2013 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Watch our short highlights video of a wonderful weekend at The Pet Show, including a dog agility demonstration and Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey's dance routine.

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