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Precious seconds: World records performed in 30 and 60 seconds

We rarely appreciate what we can do in a single minute. Even just 30 seconds is enough time to complete a host of tasks. We take a look at the best 30 and 60 second Guinness World Records.

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The Incredible, Senseless, or Bizarre Things You Can Do in Under a Minute

We rarely appreciate how much we can do with a single minute. Even just 30 seconds is enough time to complete a host of tasks. A full 60 seconds is enough to do some pretty amazing things. Take it from Guinness World Records; the organization verifies and maintains records for all sorts of things that can happen in just 30 or 60 seconds. What will you do with your next free minute?



World Record

Record-holder, country where record was set, year of record-setting



Climb a 13.3-meter-tall wall with just your feet.
Gao Guixian, China, 2009

Make 33 basketball free throws.
Bob J. Fisher, United States, 2010

Complete 34 skateboard ollies.
Sten Carr, United States, 2009

Perform 62 bicycle wheelie hops.
Manuel Torres, United States, 2009

Smash 86 plates.
Con Damouras, Australia, 2005

Eat 358 grams of lasagna.
Rafael Bujotzek, Germany, 2006



Eat 16 marshmallows one at a time.
Keiron Frazer, Australia, 2011

Perform 22 lifts of 100-kg stones.
Jose Jamon Izeta, France, 2005

Eat 23 grains of rice individually with chopsticks.
Rob Beaton, United States, 2008

Complete 24 donut spins on a motorcycle.
Emilio Zamora, Spain, 2009

Price 29 books with a pricing gun.
Mari Mohede Berg, Sweden, 2007

Style 35 women’s updo hairstyles.
Savas Turanci, Germany, 2004

Break 43 pineboards with your elbow.
Kevin Shelley, United States, 2008

Toss and catch 46 pancakes in frying pans with a friend.
Ashrita Furman and Bipin Larkin, United States, 2009

Crush 49 eggs with your toes.
Alan Nash, Italy, 2009

Stack 62 matchsticks into a tower.
Silvio Sabba, Italy, 2012

Complete 65 double leg circles on a pommel horse.
Mark Holyoake, New Zealand, 2009

Kick a shuttlecock 69 times while jumping rope.
Yunji Liu, China, 2007

Throw 102 knives around a human target.
David Adamovich, United States, 2007

Perform 119 tricep dips.
Stephen Buttler, United Kingdom, 2011

Hit a speedball 447 times.
Mick Fabar, Australia, 2008



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