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Britain's most burgled: Are you insured?

Household valuables infographic

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Ensure Your Valuables Stay Yours

The inside of your home is a treasure trove of valuable items you use or admire every day. But how safe are your things from potential thieves or disasters? Many gadgets spell “payday” for home invaders, and natural disasters are nearly impossible to predict. Here’s a look at what gadgets and valuables to protect from potential thieves and other threats.

SECTION 1: The Loot
Electronics and smaller items are popular amongst burglars because they are easy to conceal, but everything has its price. Here are the top 10 desirable gadgets and items typically stored in the home.

1. Large HD Flat screen TV — £1,699
2. Laptop — £1,249
3. Camera — £1,299
4. Digital Camcorder — £1,084.95
5. Satellite Navigation System — up to £1,286
6. Power Tools — up to £1,000 and more
7. Tablets — £739
8. Art — £0 to £1,000 and up
9. Designer Handbags — up to £1,025 and more
10. Heirloom Jewelry — Priceless

Burglaries in Britain increased by 14% in 2011 to 745,000, up from 651,000 in 2010.

SECTION 2: Valuables On-the-Go

We carry or wear many of our precious items every day without realising the value these possessions hold—running the risk of damage, theft, or loss. According to a survey by Zurich Insurance, the average person will carry £851-worth of handheld gadgets with them every day, and for Londoners, this rises to £1,034. Here are some tips to keep valuables safe on your person.

1. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry on public transportation, or cover it up to keep from tempting muggers.
2. Use your mobile phone discreetly.
3. Keep music and tablet gadgets well hidden. Hide them in your bag.
4. Limit the amount of cash you carry on your person when going out.
5. Carry only one payment card, rather than both a credit and debit card.

When it comes to your precious MacBook, your brand new Sony HD TV, DeWalt power tools or your high-tech Garmin Sat Nav, take caution and include these more expensive items in your home insurance policy.

Sources: Mirror Online, Zurich Insurance, Amazon

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