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Drug use in the UK vs the US

Teaser image for UK vs US drug infographic

The Global Drug Survey polled people in both countries to find out what substances they had used in the past 12 months. We take an interactive look at the results.

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Calorific consumption around Europe

European calories infographic teaser

Throughout Europe, more people are becoming overwight or obese. Partly to blame are diets high in calories and fats. So in which countries do people consume the most calories each day?

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What makes up your energy bill and how you could save

What makes up your energy bill and how you could save

We break down what makes up a typical energy bill and look at how you could save money by switching.

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Unemployment levels vs jobs available

UK unemployment interactive infographic teaser

Plenty of people around the UK are looking for work. But are there enough jobs to go around? Our interactive infographic looks at the rate of unemployment around the UK and how many positions there are available to job seekers.

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Europe's deadliest driving countries

European road fatalities infographic teaser

Driving has its risks wherever you are, but some European countries have better road safety records than others. This interactive graphic looks at the rate of road-related fatalities around Europe.

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Smoked out: The decline of youth smoking

Smoked out

On average, twenty-a-day smokers live seven years less than non-smokers, and young smokers are more likely to use other drugs too. But there is good news: The incidence of youth smoking in the UK and other countries has dropped.

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Neighbourhood watch: Crime in England and Wales

Crime interactive infographic teaser image

Crime across England and Wales has fallen by 4 per cent, but in some areas like Surrey, Bedfordshire, and Warwickshire crime is on the rise. Take a closer look with our interactive infographic.

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