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Messages of love lost in translation this Valentine's Day? Worry not.

Tracey Cox

With modern technology, today's love letter is now cheap and immediate. We're able to tell the person we lust after exactly how we feel, at the exact moment we feel it. Fabulous, eh? Or not... as with more communication, there's far more chance of confusion.

Fortunately has the answer! For tips on navigating your way through potential pitfalls of social networking and advice on what to do, buy and say on Valentine's Day, check back here nearer to the big V day...

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Can't wait that long? Then follow us now on Twitter and tell us your romantic dilemmas, then tune in for advice from our resident love expert, Tracey Cox on Valentine's Day. For those who just can't wait, here's a little teaser.

Love in the Web 2.0 World - A guide by Tracy Cox

Modern lovers have it easy. Today's 'love letter' is a lot less hassle than the old type. If you think waiting for a text or a reply to your Facebook or Twitter post is bad, imagine lying around your castle, agonising 'does she/he like me?', for day or weeks on end, before the mounted messenger finally arrived with a sealed envelope! Today's equivalent - text and social networking - offers cheap, immediate communication. We're able to tell the person we lust after exactly how we feel, at the exact moment we feel it. Fabulous, eh? Especially around Valentine's Day, the day for lovers. Or not...

Just about all of us have woken up after a heavy night and nearly passed out when the phone or laptop swim into view, looking suspiciously used. What felt right to send at 3am - drunk, emotional and desperate for a cuddle (etc) - suddenly seems completely inappropriate at 7am. And you can bet your next five headache pills, it was. You can also bet that if ever you were tempted to behave irrationally, it will be on Valentine's Day - otherwise known as 'National Single's Awareness Day'. It stirs up a myriad of emotions, sending the most sensible of us slightly bonkers, one eye on the phone, the other on the laptop, anxiously awaiting a response or communication from ex-lover or longed-for future ones.

Our stomach's a flutter as we look up old flames on Twitter or Facebook, holding our breath to see what their status is, praying there won't be pictures of them plus loving partner, both beaming annoyingly from the screen.

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