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Sue Hayward

Would you park on a stranger's drive?

  •  23 Jul, 2015  
Parking on a stranger's drive
What would you do if you came home to find someone else's car on your driveway?  Read More…

Pay attention to the small print with your holiday hire car

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Toy car on map
The small print can often allow car hire firms to bill your credit card for extra charges.  Read More…

How to replace missing paperwork fast

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Missing paperwork - teaser
Here's how you replace important documents like your driver's licence or MOT certificate.  Read More…

Five fast ways to get replacement car keys

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Replacement keys - teaser
Replacement keys don't have to be be costly  Read More…

Are all-inclusive deals value for money?

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Family on beach
Can all-inclusive holiday deals save you money? Get the lowdown here.  Read More…

Should you pay to park at the pub?

  •  07 May, 2015  
Image of a pub exterior
Some pubs have started charging to use their car parks to stop shoppers and even parents on the school run from parking there. Is this fair?  Read More…

Five ways to be a better driver

  •  16 Mar, 2015  
Man giving thumbs up
It's easy for bad driving habits to creep up on us. Here are five common mistakes experienced drivers can make.  Read More…

Top five holiday-booking tips

  •  16 Jan, 2015  
A couple sat on a tropical beach on deck chairs
If you’re about to buy your summer holiday, make sure you follow these five vital tips to make sure you get the best deal with full financial protection.  Read More…

Fear of missing a deal costs Brits £1,500 a year

Bargain tag

Clever sales tactics are the reason many of us spend money on cut-price products we don't really want or need.

  Read More…

Parked up? Engine running? Lawbreaker!

  •  16 Oct, 2014  
Woman looking at her watch
Drivers who don't cut their engines when waiting aren't just wasting fuel: they're breaking the law.  Read More…

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Sue Hayward

Carl Chambers

Sue Hayward is a personal finance broadcaster, journalist and author. Sue talks and writes on money matters including chatting on BBC Radio & TV as well as contributing to magazines, websites and newspapers. Sue's also written two books; the latest of which is 'How To Get The Best Deal'.

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