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Sharon Flaherty

BAA Strikes: What our travel providers will cover editor Sharon Flaherty

More than a million passengers could see their travel plans affected if planned strikes by workers at BAA airports go ahead later in August.

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A rental scam to watch out for author Sharon Flaherty

Most of us have rented accommodation from time to time, and some of us for longer periods than we would have liked, but there is a new scam on the go, which you should be aware of, as Sharon Flaherty, editor of

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Meeting The neighbours author Sharon Flaherty

Getting the keys to a property is the simplest step in the home-moving process, as Sharon Flaherty the editor of

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Switching current accounts: We show you how

credit card with UK currency note

Most of us open a current account and rarely opt to switch to another provider. Why? Because it can seem like a hassle to reorganise direct debit payments and standing orders, and there is an assumption that there is little difference between one current account and the next.

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Bringing someone along house hunting? This is what could happen... author Sharon Flaherty

It hasn’t been long since my last property update and, two days ago, I was stumped as to what I would write about in this week’s blog - frankly I didn’t feel that much had changed.

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Will the new insurance law protect you? editor Sharon Flaherty

I think it’s safe to say most of us are familiar with the following story, someone diligently pays into an insurance policy for most of their lives believing that if the worst should happen.

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Credit card providers get choosey about who they lend to

a credit card and padlock

Most people know by now that the current recession has made banks and lenders of credit generally more risk averse. The 100 per cent mortgage which two years ago was taken for granted is now almost a distant memory and more recently, we’ve seen lenders become less willing to approve credit card applications too.

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Sharon Flaherty

Sharon Flaherty

Sharon Flaherty was editor and head of content at from September 2009 to September 2013. She has contributed to The Financial Times Group, The Times, Daily Express, Guardian and Independent.

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