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Paul Drury

What does 1GB get you? Mobile internet explained

Apple iPhone

All muddled up over megabytes? Can't get your head around gigabytes? Let us ease the stress and explain exactly what you get for your mobile phone's data allowance.

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Home insurance: Save money with our insider's top tips

Someone being interviewed

We spoke to an anonymous claims handler to bring you the inside scoop on how insurers operate and the common mistakes home insurance policy holders make.

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20% of Brits ban family from funeral

senior couple having an argument

Don't want someone at your funeral? You're not alone. A fifth of Brits say they don't want certain people attending their funeral ceremony or wake.

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New smartphones for spenders and savers

The Samsung Galaxy S4

We take a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and some great budget smartphones, along with one dumbphone for those who don't want the fuss!

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Microchipping for dogs compulsory by 2016

A puppy being microchipped

In order to curb the number of strays and make it easier to track stolen animals, all dogs in England must be microchipped by 6 April 2016.

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC: Review

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

The 8X is a flagship Windows Phone from HTC. But how does it fare against the strong competition of today’s smartphone market? Our very own Paul Drury reviews the 8X.

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Will the UK's first cat café be in London?

A cat cafe in Japan

Feeling stressed? Work getting you down? Busy lifestyle stopping you from actually relaxing? Like cats? Well, cat cafés, a huge craze in Japan, might be just what you’re looking for.

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Get more from your Nectar points in 2013

amusement park swings

Now that you can collect double Nectar points when you purchase car, home, motorbike, pet, van or life insurance through, it’s time to start thinking about what to spend them on!

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The smartphone fan's guide to 2013

Samsung flexible display prototype

It's been a big year in the gadget world and mobile phones are certainly no exception. But what does 2013 hold in store for smartphone fans?

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Is iPhone popularity a mirage?

Apple iPhone

Ask anyone what the most popular smartphone is and they’ll probably give you the same answer: the iPhone. But is this true?

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