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Owe Carter

To flash or not to flash author Owe Carter

Following the prosecution of a Grimsby driver who flashed other motorists to warn them of a speed gun,’s Owe Carter questions the motives of such a law.

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Cashback sites break out from the web author Owe Carter

You can now get cashback on your shopping in the real world – not just online – notes’s Owe Carter.

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I’m your van – buying vs leasing

Transit driving

So you need a new van. Should you buy it outright, or lease one? We weigh up the pros and cons.

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Digital downloads leave consumers unprotected author Owe Carter

Buying music and movies online affords the consumer less protection than buying CDs or DVDs, Consumer Focus warns.

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Become an ethical lender author Owe Carter

Owe Carter thinks a loan to an entrepreneur in the developing world could be the ideal Christmas gift.

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Carbon monoxide awareness should last longer than a week author Owe Carter

It’s coming to the end of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week; but’s Owe Carter thinks that CO safety is always worth bearing in mind.

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Lock down your property properly

home insurance cover

During long winter nights, it makes sense to step up your household security.

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Keep your windscreen and tyres tip-top during winter

Mechanic removing a wheel

Keep on top of your car maintenance during winter – to save money, and for safety’s sake.

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Jumping & bumping: Start your car if the battery’s flat

Breakdown basics video

Got a flat battery in the cold? Here’s how to get your car up and running again.

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Eye spy: drivers urged to get regular eye checks author Owe Carter

Owe Carter echoes the importance of regular eye tests for over 55s, in light of a recent study and its implications for road safety.

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Owe Carter

Owe Carter

Owe Carter has been a consumer interest writer for since 2007. His career as a scribe began in local press, which saw him hunting ghosts, taking challenges from readers, living as B.A. Baracus for a week, and seeking out Pembrokeshire’s happiest dog.

Twitter: @ConfusedOwe
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