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Owe Carter

The rise of the Multiple-Occupant Shared Home

House sold sign

By sharing with friends, first-time buyers are increasingly managing to overcome the difficult hurdle of entering the property market, according to new research by

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Singles pair up for financial clout

Friends at an ATM

Single people are increasingly pairing up and becoming financially co-dependent, a new report by suggests.

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10 worst car modifications and accessories

Headlight lashes on a pink Fiat takes a look at the top 10 most pointless – or most hideous – car modifications and accessories.

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New Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone soon to hit the shelves

Samsung Galaxy S3 in pebble blue

The new pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3 is available to buy in the UK from 22 June. And you can order it from

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10 used cars that will hold their value in 2012

A black BMW 1-Series from the rear
When times are tight, it makes sense to think of large purchases such as cars not only in terms of cost, but also value over time. We list the 10 motors expected to hold their value in 2012.  Read More…

How to avoid these travel disasters

A suitcase on the beach

Going travelling is always exciting, but occasionally we leave ourselves open to mishaps and misfortune. So here are some cautionary tales from hapless holidaymakers, and lessons we can take from them.

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Lifetime pet insurance best buys

A dog in a bag

Halifax may have withdrawn their lifetime pet insurance policies, but you can still get plenty of protection through

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Vehicle theft up 7%

A car key electronically opening a car

According to latest figures from the Home Office, vehicle-related crime is on the increase.

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How to make a life insurance claim in the event of a death

A couple walking, denoting life insurance

Dealing with a death is immensely stressful, and it doesn’t help that it tends to come with a large amount of administration.

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Take these simple steps to cut your fuel bill

Reduce your fuel consumption video

Fuel prices are at an all-time high thanks to a series of tax rises and the soaring cost of oil. However, here are some ways to get the most out of your motor per gallon.

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Owe Carter

Owe Carter

Owe Carter has been a consumer interest writer for since 2007. His career as a scribe began in local press, which saw him hunting ghosts, taking challenges from readers, living as B.A. Baracus for a week, and seeking out Pembrokeshire’s happiest dog.

Twitter: @ConfusedOwe
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