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Owe Carter

Extra christmas goodies you could buy with your energy saving

blue gas flame pound symbol

You could make an annual saving of £207 by switching energy with But what could this actually buy you? Let’s find out!

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Buying your first home: Exchange & completion

House with a pound coin garden path

After your lender has approved the mortgage, and your solicitor has completed all the required searches, it’s time for both buyer and seller to exchange contracts.

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Gas cooker warning for Beko & Belling models

Gas Stove

An alert anyone who’s bought a Beko or Belling (part of the Glen Dimplex Group) gas cooker and grill to be aware that some models have proved to be dangerous if not used properly.

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Landlord and tenant responsibilities in rental properties

home insurance

If you’re renting a property, or renting one out, do you know your rights and responsibilities? Well, we’ve got a few tips and pointers for knowing where you stand.

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Is this the end for estimated energy bills?

Smart meter

The flow of gadgets which monitor your energy usage in real time makes it easier to keep tabs on your consumption than ever before; saving you money, and hinting at an end for estimated billing.

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The future of energy generation

Artist's impression of a solar island

To reduce global reliance on fossil fuels, much research is being made into more sustainable ways of generating power. Take a peek into a possible future here.

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Beginner’s guide to flying: The flight itself!

Vapour trails left by planes

If you’re new to airline travel, you may find it a little daunting. However, your handy travel companion is here to put your mind at ease.

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Beginner’s guide to flying: Booking your ticket

plane on runway

A handy guide to booking your flights if you’re new to airline travel. This covers where to shop, how to pay, flights for young children, and sorting out the all-important travel insurance.

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Step-by-step guide to the energy switching process

Frustrated customer

For those who aren’t serial energy switchers, the process of changing who supplies you with your gas and electricity can seem daunting.

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Know your policy: Extra goodies in your travel insurance

Travel goodies

If you’re off travelling, taking out insurance is a must for pretty obvious reasons. However, there are also reasons for taking out insurance which may be a little less obvious.

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Owe Carter

Owe Carter

Owe Carter has been a consumer interest writer for since 2007. His career as a scribe began in local press, which saw him hunting ghosts, taking challenges from readers, living as B.A. Baracus for a week, and seeking out Pembrokeshire’s happiest dog.

Twitter: @ConfusedOwe
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