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Neil Faulkner

60% of househunters say safety main concern

Row of houses in London

If you’re looking to move home this year, there is a wealth of information available to help you find your perfect location.

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Calculate your retirement income in five simple steps

Retirement fund jar

Three-quarters of people nearing retirement don’t know what income they can expect once they stop working. Here are five steps to work out your future retirement income.

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Where to buy your next buy-to-let property

An estate agent's window display

Southampton, Blackpool and Hull top the list of the most promising areas to purchase a buy-to-let property, according to research by HSBC.

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Seven travel booking traps to avoid

Passport on a map

The OFT has issued a warning about misleading practices holiday companies use to trick travellers into spending more cash. Money journalist Neil Faulkner highlights the traps to look out for.

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Buy your second home with a 5% deposit

Sale signs outside houses

It's possible to move home even if you can only scrape together a 5 per cent deposit, provided you shop around for a mortgage. Money journalist Neil Faulkner explains how.

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Why you'll be poorer in retirement than you think

A man counting coins beside a pot marked retirement fund

Want £30,000 a year to live on when you retire? You'll need to save half a million pounds to fund it. Neil Faulkner explains why young people's retirement income expectations are flawed.

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Pet insurance pitfalls to watch out for

Vets operating on a dog

The financial watchdog receives hundreds of complaints every year from animal lovers unhappy their pet insurer has rejected their claim. We detail common issues and explain how to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.

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50% of first-time buyers consider shared ownership

A sold sign outside a house

Nearly half of first-time buyers are considering shared ownership, according to new research by Lloyds TSB. Neil Faulkner looks at how these schemes work and the drawbacks.

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Buy a house without a mortgage

House with a pound coin garden path
Genie is a new scheme aimed at helping first-time buyers and long-term renters onto the property ladder without a mortgage. We take a look.  Read More…

Find the perfect loan or credit card with our simple guide

credit card with UK currency note

There are lots of different uses for credit cards and loans, making them suitable for almost everyone – even if you don't need to borrow. Lenders offer a variety of deals to suit your requirements.

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Neil Faulkner

Neil Faulkner

Neil Faulkner waded his way through a mountain of claims as a paralegal before moving on to be an insurance consultant and claims manager. He is a long-term investor, and one-time property owner and landlord. He writes about property, investing, insurance, consumer issues, and helping people get out of debt misery.

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