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Neil Faulkner

Buy your second home with a 5% deposit

Sale signs outside houses

It's possible to move home even if you can only scrape together a 5 per cent deposit, provided you shop around for a mortgage. Money journalist Neil Faulkner explains how.

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Buy a house without a mortgage

House with a pound coin garden path
Genie is a new scheme aimed at helping first-time buyers and long-term renters onto the property ladder without a mortgage. We take a look.  Read More…

Find the perfect loan or credit card with our simple guide

credit card with UK currency note

There are lots of different uses for credit cards and loans, making them suitable for almost everyone – even if you don't need to borrow. Lenders offer a variety of deals to suit your requirements.

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Annuity choices explained: How to make the most of a small pension

Retirement fund jar

When you've built up a retirement pot, there are three main ways that you either could or should get an income from it.

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Bonus rates on savings: Good or bad?

Man holding piggy bank

Many don’t like introductory bonus rates on savings accounts as it’s easy to forget when they run out – leaving customers earning a pitiful rate of interest. But there are pros, as we explain.

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The DIY car repairs that can save you £220

Driver checking oil levels in car
Many motorists are clueless about car maintenance and repairs, despite many expensive problems being easy to fix yourself and costing far less money than a repairer. Here's our guide to doing it yourself.  Read More…

60% of homeowners say property is their pension

Toy houses on pile of pound coins
Almost two-thirds of homeowners plan to use their homes to fund their retirement - whether by downsizing, letting spare rooms, or releasing equity tied up in the property.  Read More…

Home insurance: 25 things to check when buying

A row of houses
Price is not the only factor when buying home insurance. There are many areas where specific levels of cover might be important to you. We take a look.  Read More…

Don't sell your final-salary pension

Piles of pound coins under an umbrella

Are you being offered a tempting cash sum to transfer out of a final-salary pension scheme? Don't fall for it, says the Pensions Regulator.

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Seven steps to triple your pension

Money in jars building up

Workers' saving decisions are losing them thousands per year when they retire according to new research. But there are seven steps you can take to triple your pension income.

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Neil Faulkner

Neil Faulkner

Neil Faulkner waded his way through a mountain of claims as a paralegal before moving on to be an insurance consultant and claims manager. He is a long-term investor, and one-time property owner and landlord. He writes about property, investing, insurance, consumer issues, and helping people get out of debt misery.

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