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Lois Avery

Do funeral plans save you money?

Retired couple

Funerals are expensive, so many are opting for pre-pay packages to spread the cost. But are they worth the money? Here’s what you should know.

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The case for privatising Britain’s roads

A motorway at rush hour
Privatising roads in Britain might not be such a bad idea after all, writes motoring journalist Lois Avery, who has seen the benefits of better infrastructure since moving to Singapore.  Read More…

The risks of buying a write-off motor

A red car
Armed with all the facts, buying a car that’s a write-off can be a bargain for cost-conscious buyers – as long as you weigh up all the costs.  Read More…

Crucial things to check before buying a car

Car breakdown

You may have just found your dream car, with a great price tag and great looks: but don’t let your heart rule your head. Failing to make some basic checks could prove costly.

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Video guide: How to cut your household energy bills

Take control of your energy bills video

Heat and light your home for less. Watch our video guide to cutting your household gas and electricity bills, with the Energy Saving Trust.

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Could an old car save you money?

An old red Mini
Most drivers choose a car based on price, make, model and even colour. But new figures show that the economy is playing an increasingly important role in our choice of car.  Read More…

The war against whiplash continues

A car crashed into the back of another vehicle
The ongoing battle to curb Britain’s compensation culture rages as pressure mounts on the government to tackle whiplash claims with new laws.  Read More…

Ghost brokering: Could your car insurance policy be fake?

Don’t get caught out by a fake car insurance policy

Don’t get caught out by a fake insurance policy. We investigate a new fraud phenomenon known as ghost brokering and explain how to avoid becoming a victim.

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Dogs blamed for thousands of family feuds

a pug tilting its head in confusion

The average dog will cause nearly 2,000 family arguments during its lifetime, that’s nearly three rows a week, according to new research.

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E.ON cuts electricity prices 6%

A lit gas cooker ring

E.ON has become the latest gas and electricity firm to announce a price drop after four other major suppliers cut prices last week.

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Lois Avery

Lois Avery

Lois joined in 2010 after working for Dyson and as a local newspaper reporter in Wiltshire. After a year writing financial journalism at, Lois won the 2011 'most promising newcomer' at the BIBA journalist of the year awards.

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