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Jeanette Miller

Blog: Can you fool a speed camera?

Speed camera sign

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller examines various popular – and in some cases, illegal – methods used by drivers to avoid being caught by speed cameras.

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Blog: Mobility scooters, drink driving and the law

driver slumped over steering wheel

There are reportedly 300,000 mobility scooters and around 4 to 5 million bicycles regularly used on UK roads but they aren't governed by the same laws as other motorists - a situation that needs to be remedied, says motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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Blog: Five stupid attempts to avoid speeding points

30 miles per hour road sign

Getting someone to “take” speeding points for you is a very serious matter. But motorists can't help but try, something motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller is all too aware of.

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Blog: Don't fall for these motoring myths

A speedometer

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller says that drivers should be aware of the law rather than rely on dubious popular wisdom about what is and isn’t illegal.

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Blog: Dodging a speeding conviction is harder than it seems

Police car

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller says that escaping a speeding conviction through a legal loophole is not as easy as the press makes it sound.

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Blog: Why aren’t ministers tackling drink driving head-on?

Traffic lights

The police released new figures this month that showed a 15 per cent increase in the number of drivers aged 25 or below testing positive for drink-driving or refusing to take a breath test.

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Jeanette Miller

Jeanette Miller

Lawyer and legal blogger Jeanette Miller is managing director of motoring law specialists Geoffrey Miller Solicitors.

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