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Are women really less confident drivers?

A woman driving a car

As a survey shows women are 'less confident' behind the wheel, we offer some tips.

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Life insurance: Price vs quality

life insurance

Going for the cheapest life insurance isn’t always the best idea, especially if it means sacrificing critical illness cover.

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Potholes: How to get your own back

A road in disrepair

Why pothole problems are set to increase, and how to claim back if you're affected.

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Tips for driving on ice

Driving on an icy road

With the cold weather hitting, some help to keep you safe on the roads.

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Household items most likely to be stolen

home insurance cover

How to stay ahead of thieves by protecting your most wanted possessions.

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Pet health tips for winter

Sleeping pup

How to keep your animal safe and healthy in the cold weather.

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Car insurance: Is Pass Plus still value for money?

Driving test

Learner drivers are still encouraged to take post-test courses to prove to insurers that they’re safe behind the wheel. But extra training could be a waste of money. Here’s why...

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Skiers urged to get insurance

A ski resort in the sunshine

Skiers could end up with huge medical or repatriation bills if they have neglected to take out adequate travel insurance, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned.

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The car insurance debate: The ABI view logo in a laptop screen

As no motorist needs reminding, the cost of car insurance is rising. The issue has become so contentious, that the government has got involved and a debate has taken place in parliament, one in which took part.

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Make the most of those little-known freebies

Money saving

Look out for these hidden ways to save on anything from theme park visits to insurance.

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