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Sat nav blackspot map

Sat nav system

Use this widget to alert road users to nav blackspot areas around the UK. You can upload a report of where you encounter sat nav blackspot issues and how severe they are.

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5 Holiday destinations that you may not have considered

travel destinations

When planning your next summer holiday, it's easy to go back to the same place year after year. Here's 5 destinations that you may not have considered.

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OAP escapes mobility scooter drink-drive charge

Man slumped over steering wheel

A 65-year-old has escaped legal action despite being accused of driving a mobility scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

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Keith Chegwin brings back TV's 'Swap Store' with

Remember Swap Shop, the show that kick-started Saturday morning TV for kids in the 1970s? Well is bringing it back, for one day only, featuring the original swapping maestro, Mr Keith Chegwin.

Find out where and when...

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VIDEO: Patrick Monahan takes on our Nectar point challenge

Patrick Monahan Nectar point challenge video

Watch comedian Patrick Monahan as he attempts to trade in 1,000 Nectar points on the streets of Birmingham. Can he start with a hobby horse and walk away with someone's wife?

Watch the video...

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Young drivers need incentives for further training

A young driver and driving instructor in a car

Should young drivers be forced to train for longer before they’re allowed on the road?

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Does your star sign influence the type of car you drive?

Cartoon image of a Capricorn with a Volkswagon car

Is it possible to work out someone’s star sign from the type of car they drive? Our research says you can! Eccentric Aquarians are more likely to drive a Peugeot 106, while flirty Pisceans prefer sporty numbers such as the Mazda 2 Sport.

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Motorway lighting petition

Cars driving at night on a motorway

Our research reveals that the midnight switch-off for lights on UK roads poses risks to drivers, with 47 per cent of drivers feeling less confident on motorways at night. Sign the petition now.

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Birthday parties on a budget

money equity graph chart

Every parent wants their child to have a fantastic birthday, but sometimes what children want and what we can afford just don’t seem to match. However, you really can throw a great birthday party on a budget.

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Three Top Destinations for Travellers Over 50

money equity graph chart

Sometimes the most rewarding experiences can be found just off the beaten path, and travelling is no exception. While traditional holiday destinations are enjoyable, many people find themselves seeking a more unique, relaxed experience away from the bustling, fast-paced atmosphere of more popular spots.

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