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Ten financial products you may be better off without logo on the laptop screen

Anyone who has read this blog on more than one occasion will realise that I do like a moan. So when I came across a press release from Which?

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Ten tips for greening up your home

a lightbulb made out of a plant

In the first of a three-part series aimed at helping you ‘green up’ your home, we’ve joined forces with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to offer some top tips for saving money and the planet all at once.

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Weddings: Celebrate on a budget


Forget the bride and groom's bill; as the wedding season approaches fast, the average cost of simply being there as a guest is a massive £380, according to the latest research from Santander.

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What do insurers define as a 'bedroom'? logo on the laptop screen

The 'how many bedrooms' question refers to rooms that have been originally designed as a bedroom. Although in a property the majority of rooms above ground level are bedrooms, the definition of bedroom is somewhat at the owner’s discretion.

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Top tips to improve your dog's life logo on a laptop screen’s latest pet themed blog, we’re bringing you tips on how to look after the health of your dog, so read on to find out more and get access to a free digital copy of K9 magazine.

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Here boy! 5 ways to teach your dog to come back logo on a laptop screen

K9 Magazine tells their tips on training your pooch to return when called.

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Is it wrong to use an estate agent’s mortgage service? logo on the laptop screen

Buying a house can be a complicated process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, but one thing that’s really annoyed me during the course of buying my property is that I’m really not sure who I can trust.

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Making a mock of home information packs logo on the laptop screen

What I’m about to vent about may sound dull when you realise it’s about Home Information Packs, but I feel I should share it all the same, as there’s something not quite right going on there, in my experience. .

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Should you help your kids onto the property ladder?

Moving box

While the financial sector has been through the wringer in recent years, the bank of mum and dad has boomed. More and more young adults rely on their parents to get them out of financial bother, house them well into their thirties and give them a helping hand onto the property ladder.

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10 home buying costs you hadn't bargained for

House with a pound coin garden path

Buying a property is an expensive business and saving for a deposit can be the biggest hurdle. But there are many other home buying costs to consider, some obvious and some hidden.

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