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I cycled 54 miles from London to Brighton and now my bum hurts

Photograph of the London eye's Ian Emery relives the highs, lows, aches and pains of his 54 mile London to Brighton bike trip.

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solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

If you want to go green and save money on your electricity bill, why not start generating power yourself.’s simple guide can show you how to become a green energy generator as well as a consumer.

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Whiplash fraud: What you told us logo on the laptop screen

Recently I wrote about new technology that could potentially stamp out dodgy whiplash claims by spotting fake injuries from real ones.

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Look your best without spending a small fortune logo on the laptop screen

Money-saving blogger Jane Sparrow shares her tips for looking chic on a tiny budget this summer.

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Technology, does it make us better drivers? logo on the laptop screen

Gareth Lane, one of's motoring experts and a self-confessed technology geek, muses on whether increasingly hi-tech cars make us better drivers or not.

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Stop before you switch and avoid paying exit fees

blue gas flame pound symbol

Read the latest Money Talks blog to find out how you can avoid energy company exit fees.

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Five tricks for thrifty menu plans logo on the laptop screen

Money-saving foodie blogger Jane Sparrow shares her tips for tasty, cost-effective meal planning.

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Annoyed by Scottish power price hikes? How to avoid paying exit fees to switch supplier logo on the laptop screen

Is your gas and electricity supplied by Scottish Power? Annoyed by their recently-announced price hikes - 19 per cent for gas bills and 10 per cent for electricity but don't want to pay their costly exit fees for leaving?

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Save on your weekly food shop

Lady with money

Check out her top tips for cutting food waste and staying healthy in this week's Speaker's Corner blog.

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New driving licence plans provoke huge response from readers logo on the laptop screen

News stories about young drivers, particularly those concerning insurance costs or road crashes, are always huge talking points.

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