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Making your own ready meals

Bunch of growing tomatoes's new food blogger Jane Sparrow shows how a little preparation could shave pounds off your food budget.

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How much do you love your partner?

An older couple on a boat columnist Sam Dunn says couples should tread carefully when considering a financial union.

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Why thieves are targeting the middle classes

home insurance cover

Burglars are shunning high-value homes in favour of less-secure middle class properties, according to new research. Here’s what to do if the thieves strike.

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Parents 'dread' family car journeys

Car on a map

With Easter holidays coming up, 40% of parents say they wouldn't consider going on a long car journey with their children without the aid of technology to keep them entertained

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Nanny Pat's Top Car Cleaning Tips

Old woman smiling

Nanny Pat from The Only Way Is Essex has some top tips for keeping your car in mint condition.

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Brits predict holidays to the moon

Holidays to the moon predicted

Holidaymakers could find travel insurance premiums rocketing if British pollsters are right in predicting holidays to the moon in as little as nine years' time.

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Majorca 'top destination In winter'

Lovely beach in Mallorca

The Spanish island of Majorca is proving to be a popular destination for Britons eager to catch the sun in winter, according to a survey.

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How to calculate your home's contents

Living room with Cara advert on TV

When you take out home contents insurance, you will be asked how much cover you want. This is how to make sure you account for all of your contents.

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How to protect your money against inflation

Money protected by an umbrella

The soaring cost of living has made painful headlines once more after the rate of inflation rose again in January.

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British pet owners paying the price for ‘pet-ty crime’

Pet insurance has found that around a fifth of pet owners have reported pet-related damage around the house, costing an eye-watering average of £690.

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