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Canal in Brugge, Belgium

Belgium has such an impressive network of toll-free, well-lit motorways that it would be tempting to tear through the country without stopping. To do so would be a mistake because it’s only when you get onto the picturesque back roads that the true beauty of this charming little country reveals itself.

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Friendships, finance and the future

Friendships, finance and the future teaser

Exploring the anatomy of modern singledom. The trend for single people to 'mate for life' with their friends could significantly influence the future of insurance.

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Drivers paying much less for fuel in Europe

Millau bridge
UK holidaymakers driving to Europe are likely to pay significantly less at the pump this year due to the relative strength of the pound, a report has found.  Read More…

Fuel prices reduced by 3p this week

A petrol pump

New reduced fuel prices are to come into effect at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's supermarkets. Both petrol and diesel prices will be cut by 3p per litre this week.

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Car insurance buyers' guide: No claims bonus explained

Coins spilling out of a car

We explain what a No Claims Bonus is, what affects it, and how it affects car insurance premiums.

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wide open road in a foreign country
Driving abroad requires careful planning, which is why has produced this guide to explain what you need to do before taking your car or motorbike abroad – and what you can expect to find when you hit the open road.  Read More…’s guide to driving in Bulgaria

Pamporovo ski resort, Bulgaria

Often overlooked, this country in the Balkans in the south east of Europe has a lot to offer the keen tourist.

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Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its beautiful coastline and beaches, but there’s more to this country than sun, sea and sand.

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Corvinesti Castle, Hunedoara, Romania

Romania: it’s more than just the crossroads of Europe. With medieval architecture, stunning views and warm summers, there’s plenty to explore, as finds out.

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Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

Despite the name, Iceland isn’t the Arctic landscape you might expect. It is, however, underpinned by some major volcanic activity, which contributes to its spectacular scenery and unusual way of life.

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