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Is your home at risk of flooding? Tips to stay dry from

Home insurance cover

With floods hitting the headlines once again, it’s a good time to remind homeowners of the potential risks to property and how best to protect your home should the waters start lapping at your doorstep.

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Car hire made easy with

Red Mini abroad

Don’t want to pay through the nose for vehicle rental? Did you know you can now compare car hire with

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Let be your holiday planner

Hand on a globe

Why is the perfect travel companion? Is it because we can sort out your insurance for you, organise your holiday finances, and even help you pick a holiday? Find out here.

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New campaign to cut energy bills

blue gas flame

A new campaign has been launched to help millions of UK households cut their heating bills by adopting a range of energy-saving measures.

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Doggie deterrent: The world's loudest bark

Daz, the dog with the world's loudest bark
With 81 per cent of dog owners having never been burgled, has enlisted the help of Daz, the proud owner of the loudest bark in the world to record a deterring howl you can play when you're out of the house.  Read More…

How to find a good letting agent

Row of houses

If you’ve bought a property as an investment you may well not have the time to manage it by yourself. That means you will need to find a letting agent. We explain how to find a good one.

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Do I have to tell my insurer about parking fines? logo on the laptop screen

Clocked up some parking fines? Do you need to tell your insurer? Find out here.

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MOT printouts 'not always reliable'

Checking oil

Used car buyers should not rely on printed MOT documents, trading standards chiefs have warned. The paper certificates can be easily forged or altered so used car buyers should not take them at face value...

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Pet costumes: caring or cruel?

Dog with sunglasses

Nowadays all manner of clothes and costumes exist for cats and dogs. We look at some of the more unusual products on the market and ask is cruel to dress up your pet, or just a bit of fun?

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Top 10 pet names revealed

Funny cat

Cat and dog owners are favouring human-style names for their pets, proving they really are part of the family, new research shows. But what names are the most popular?

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