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The essential insurances for first-time buyers

mortgage deals

Buying your first home is an expensive business. Not only do you need to save a large deposit, possibly pay Stamp Duty, plus furnish your new abode, there’s a long list of extra costs and charges that come with the territory.

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How do I know if I have enough cover for my holiday? logo on the laptop screen

Fielding this week's question is Steven Williams, head of travel insurance at How much travel insurance do I need to take out for my holiday or trip?

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Hope for children's financial futures logo on a laptop screen

David White, chief executive of The Children’s Mutual, writes for discussing the oft-ignored value of the child trust fund.

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Top money-saving tips for the over 50s

Older couple in the pool

The-over 50s have felt the effects of the recession more than most, as those who rely on the interest earned from their savings to supplement their income have been hard hit by plummeting rates and rising inflation.

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Carbon monoxide: a most unwelcome guest logo on the laptop screen

The Carbon Monoxide Be Alarmed! Campaign have estimated that as many as 81% of households in the UK don't have an audible CO alarm. So quite a lot, then.

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Don't fall for this airline rip-off logo on a laptop screen's very own Grumpy Old Man complains about the airline scam that catches many of us unawares...

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Is it best to opt for a fixed or variable mortgage? logo on the laptop screen

The perennial dilemma for mortgage borrowers is whether to opt for a fixed rate mortgage and guard against rising rates, or go for a variable rate in the hope that rates will stay low.

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How much contents insurance do I need? logo on the laptop screen

Our typical customer might well be married, have two children, live in a three-bed semi-detached house in suburban West Midlands. These customers typically ask for £30k of contents insurance, with just £2.5k of this being High-Risk Items, and £1k being insured away from home.

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Could you live without email? logo on the laptop screen

As a deathly pall creeps over his inbox,'s Owain Carter muses on a life before Outlook

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Storm-proof your home to protect against the elements

home insurance cover

Storms and severe weather across many parts of the UK have caused havoc for homeowners over the past few days, and with more heavy rain and gale force winds forecast, now is the time to take steps to protect your home.

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