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Adam Davies

28 reasons why Britain is the weirdest place to drive

Doll abandoned on a roundabout
From giant octopodes blocking traffic to dogs driving tractors on the motorway. Here's the proof that Blighty's roads are proper strange.  Read More…

Quiz: Which currency are you?

Currencies from around the world
Indian rupee? Mexican peso? Thai baht? Which currency are you? Take the quiz to find out.  Read More…

7 dream sheds you'd love to own

Cliffhanger shed

Pirate retreats, art deco diners and giant treehouses, here are the best sheds from Shed of the Year 2015.

  Read More…

15 shoppers who prove drunk spending is a bad idea

Hand typing on laptop with credit card

From superfluous tractor parts to Steve Martin's back catalogue, here's definitive proof that shopping under the influence is a bad idea.

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Quiz: Which band should you actually have at your wedding?

A newlywed couple dance at their wedding

Bad music can make your special day memorable for the wrong reasons. Take our quiz to find out which band should take the stage on your big day.

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Which Herbert are you?

The Herberts in a line up

BRIAN the Robot has some new helper bot friends - the Herberts! Find out which Herbert you are by taking this quick quiz.

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12 childhood toys worth a fortune today

My Little Pony toy

From vintage Care Bears dolls to classic Ghostbusters action figures, here are the childhood toys that could net you a pretty penny today.

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20 pets who are totally YOLO

Confused looking cat

Here are the cats and dogs that are taking on life and having a paw-some time, whatever the outcome. After all, you only lick once.

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13 people who really love Audis

Audi four rings logo on the grille of a car

Audis are a bit like Marmite on wheels, you either love them or hate them. Here are some people who love Audis so much it hurts.

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17 reasons why the M25 is the best motorway

The M25 at night

From Dartford to, er, Dartford, the M25 treats commuters to a pleasant and scenic 117-mile lap around London. Here's why it's the best.

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Adam Davies

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