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No changes to motorcycle test

A biker in his gear05/07/13

By James O'Brien

Roads Minister Stephen Hammond has confirmed the motorcycle test will remain in two stages rather than change to the proposed single on-road assessment.

The Department for Transport had carried out research and consultations but there will be no alterations to the existing test, which sees candidates complete two modules.

Motorcyclists must first perform manoeuvres away from public roads before taking a practical on-road assessment.

The DFT had looked into whether the UK could revert to a single test while complying with European rules.

However, Hammond said taking that step would lead to a "substantial increase" in the number of test incidents on UK roads, resulting in longer tests and more expense for candidates.

He also felt there would be more faults during tests.

Hammond also identified further problems with finding suitable areas with appropriate signage and speed measurement to carry out tests.

"I have therefore concluded that a single event on-road motorcycle test would not be in the interests of motorcycle test candidates or their trainers and examiners," he said.

The minister said the review was not a waste of time, with improvements to the off-road element of the test set to be made.

"Test provision has been increased by opening three additional sites for module one tests, and introducing module two tests at an additional eight driving test centres," he added.

"More motorcycle examiners have been made available following a successful recruitment campaign."

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