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Advanced tests enhance ability


By Daniel Machin

Motorcyclists who are trained to an advanced standard have improved skills and better attitudes, a new study shows.

Road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) found that riders taking its advanced riding course felt safer, more confident, more attentive, more observant and more decisive on the road.

Not only this, riders also claimed the course helps add to the enjoyment of going out and about on a motorcycle.

The top reason for taking the IAM advanced test was to improve the general standard of riding, followed by becoming a safer rider.

Reducing the risk of being involved in an accident, becoming a more confident rider and the challenge of the course completed the top five.

Riders under the age of 30 were more likely to identify 'improving my general standard of riding' as a reason for taking the test and to obtain cheaper insurance.

Meanwhile, younger riders were more likely to select 'to demonstrate to others that my riding was of a high standard' and 'to influence other peoples' riding' as reasons for taking the test.

"The IAM advanced riding qualification makes motorcyclists safer and more skilled," said Simon Best, chief executive of the charity. "Motorcycling has a positive role to play in reducing congestion and emissions and should not be held back by safety concerns."

"We want to work with the government, manufacturers, dealers, police and road safety officers to promote the many benefits of safe motorcycling."

Some 90 per cent of riders who took the test said it had a permanent positive effect on them as a rider, while 97 per cent claim it had increased their enjoyment from riding.

As many as 94 per cent state the course had made them safer riders, with 61 per cent even revealing it had helped them to avoid a specific accident or incident.

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