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Motorbike insurance news

Buyers warned over used motorbikes

  •  08 Aug, 2013
motorcyclist riding bike

Motorcyclists have been urged to exercise caution before splashing out on a second-hand bike this summer.

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No changes to motorcycle test

  •  05 Jul, 2013

Roads minister Stephen Hammond has confirmed the motorcycle test will remain in two stages rather than change to the proposed single on-road assessment.

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Advanced tests enhance ability

  •  03 Jun, 2013

Motorcyclists who are trained to an advanced standard have improved skills and better attitudes, a new study shows.

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Bikers urged to improve skills

  •  18 Apr, 2013
Three motorbikes lined up together

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond has helped to launch a new campaign to encourage motorcyclists to improve their defensive riding skills.

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Steve McQueen bike up for sale

  •  09 Apr, 2013
Steve McQueen's motorbike

A motorbike that once belonged to Steve McQueen is to go under the hammer later this month.

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Motorbike safety changes supported

  •  22 Nov, 2012
Someone riding a Harley

Members of the European Parliament have voted overwhelmingly in support of proposed changes to motorcycling safety rules.

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Increase in thefts of motorbikes

  •  18 May, 2011

People are being warned about an increase in the number of motorbike thefts in the UK.

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Motorbike thefts on the rise


New figures show that motorbike thefts now make up a greater proportion of stolen vehicles than at any time in the past four years.

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New technology could cut motorbike accidents


Motorbikes could soon benefit from a number of safety features more commonly found in cars in a bid to cut the high accident rate among riders.

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Riders unclear how to carry out basic motorbike checks


Thousands of motorbike owners do not know how to perform simple maintenance tasks, according to insurer Swinton.

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