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How the government will help you buy a house

First-time buyers looking for a house

A government-backed scheme to help people take their first steps on the property ladder has finally been launched this month.

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Landlords benefit from cheap mortgages

For sale sign

A government scheme to provide more credit to households and small businesses has led to a large increase in borrowing by private landlords.

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Can house price forecasts be trusted?

Estate agents' signs

Are house prices set to rise or fall? Money writer Neil Faulkner looks at whether property price predictions and forecasts can be trusted.

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How to add space and light to your home

A living room

Whether your home is small or simply cluttered, add space and light with these top tips from Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4 show Grand Designs.

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Britain's new homes are smallest in Europe

A new home with a for sale sign outside

Britain's new homes are getting smaller. In fact, the experts say our new-build homes are the smallest in western Europe. But a new campaign aims to rectify this.

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Quick-sale property firms face new crackdown

Money house

Watchdog the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has launched an investigation into firms which promise to buy people’s homes in record-quick time.

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How the government plans to help you buy a house

house for sale signs

One of the most significant announcements in last month's Budget involved plans for the government to help people purchase property.

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Six things novices need to know before buying a house

Sale signs outside houses

Buying a property? Don't get ripped off by the vendor or outmanoeuvred by a rival buyer. Here are six things novices need to know before buying a house.

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How to cut the cost of moving home

young couple moved in

As anyone buying a new house will testify, the expense of upping sticks can soon mount up. But follow these top tips and you could save a significant amount of money.

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Good neighbours add £19,400 to property value

A row of houses

Attractive homes surrounding a property have the potential to increase its sale price by as much as £19,400, according to new research.

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