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Brits cut back for Christmas


By Charlotte Birch

Many people in the UK are considering a frugal existence in the run-up to Christmas, according to a new survey.

In order to feel less squeezed over the festive period, more than a third are considering cutting back by taking a packed lunch to work.

A fifth of the people who were surveyed said they would even be willing to reduce costs by using less energy in their home.

The poll by the government backed Money Advice Service, shows 38 per cent of Britons predict this Christmas will be more difficult to finance than in 2012.

Spending sacrificed for Christmas

Meanwhile 42 per cent would be happy to sacrifice certain spending to fund the big day with their families.

Other popular money-saving tricks include giving up daily takeaway coffees and using the car less frequently, while 3 per cent said they would be prepared to give up smoking.

Jane Symonds, head of service delivery at the Money Advice Service, said: "Christmas can certainly be expensive.

"Without setting budgets and plans for your expenses, the costs can soon mount up as it is easy to get carried away at this time of the year.

Cover the cost of Christmas

"While it is great to see that many are taking proactive steps to help cover the cost of Christmas, a really significant number of people simply don't know how to budget."

Symonds has advised people to contact the Money Advice Service if they want to find efficient ways to save money for Christmas.

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