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Money-saving tips, tools and guides

From easy ways to save to the cheapest times to buy, here are all the tips, guides and tools you need to become a money-saving expert and get your finances in shape.

Money-saving mythbusters

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We bust some common urban myths and misconceptions when it comes to putting more pounds in your pocket.

When is the best time to buy...?

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Your quick reference guide of the best times to buy certain things and get the lowest prices.

6 best ways to get your bank balance back in shape

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When it comes to reviewing your finances, it makes sense to focus on the areas that could save the most cash with the least effort.

How much do those cheeky purchases add up?

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Find out how much those cheeky everyday purchases really add up to, and see how much you could save by cutting back just a little.

The pros and cons of opening a joint account

Young couple holding joint piggy bank

If you're getting hitched or moving in with your other half, is it wise to unite your finances as well? We take a look.

Fear of missing a deal costs Brits £1,500 a year

Bargain tag

Clever sales tactics are the reason many of us spend money on cut-price products we don't really want or need.