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Love don't cost a thing, say Brits

Folded twenty pound notesBrits prefer free love as survey shows people’s biggest money gripe is spending on their other half.

Love could be one of the biggest losers of the recession, according to research by

Bailing out one’s partner or spouse financially is the most resented expenditure among the nation’s adults, the poll shows.

From picking up the tab for your partner at a restaurant, to covering their share of a taxi fare, couples up and down the country hate putting their hand into their pocket to help out their other half.

Love on the rocks

The UK economy is currently stuck in recession after shrinking for nine months in a row.

As a result of the flagging economy, it seems love in Britain could be well and truly on the rocks if the survey is anything to go by.

People’s own wedding costs such as hiring a venue and paying for the bride’s dress came second in our exclusive study to find out life’s most hated expenses.

Purchasing presents for other people’s weddings came third.

However, while Brits are reluctant to spend on their partners, they may well end up having to splash out on their offspring – the fourth most resented expense in the poll is contraception.

Paying bills less painful

For many Brits, having to fork out on common expenses such as utility bills (7th), car insurance (9th) and even dentistry (10th) is less of a chore than spending on their loved one.

The table below - the "Moan-o-meter" - shows the top 10 things people resent spending money on.

Top 10 things people resent spending money on
Ranking Spending gripe
1 Partner, wife or husband
2 Own wedding costs
3 Wedding presents
4 Condoms
5 Pension contributions
6 Hen or stag do
7 Utility bills
8 Work clothes
9 Car insurance
10 Dentistry bill

Some of the expenses that didn’t make the top 10 include contributing to a work colleague’s birthday collection (14th), paying a compulsory charge for shopping bags in some UK supermarkets (15th), buying petrol (16th) and road tolls (19th).

South West least romantic region

The poll of 2,000 Brits suggests the South West of England is the least romantic region in Britain.

One in five people polled from this part of the country rated spending money on their partner as their number one money gripe.

But it seems love isn’t quite dead in Wales.

Only 10 per cent were worked up enough to say spending money on their partner was their top pet hate.

Romance in recession

Nerys Lewis, money expert at, said: "Forget for richer for poorer.

"It seems when times are tight many Brits are simply saying 'I don't' when it comes to bailing out their better half.

"On a positive note, it seems many people are getting smarter about how they spend their cash.

"As traditional money gripes such as car insurance and utility bills rate low in the poll, suggesting this is less of a bother as people shop around to get the best deals."

What do you think?

What do you hate spending on?

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Adam Jolley

Adam Jolley

Adam Jolley is a content producer at He joined us in May 2012 from the world of financial services PR.

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