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23 things you could do as a millionaire

Trips to Disneyland, Costco spending sprees and heated toilet seats - we all love to dream of what we'd do with a million pounds.

Microsoft Paint illustration of a tweet about a girl getting a spray tan

1. Visit Mickey:

2. Watch a lotta Potter:

3. Give it away:

4. Splash the cash:

5. Get down to business:

6. Relocate:

7. Decorate:

8. Soak it up:

9. Just heat it:

10. Spice up your life:

11. Go all Ground Force:

12. Play games:

13. Treat yourself:

14. Scratch me if you can:

15. Spray away:

16. Get inked:

17. Become Santa:

18. Be a big spender:

19. Party in your pants:

20. Get a new wardrobe:

21. Stay on your toes:

22. Hire a celebrity:

23. Become a foodie:

What would you spend a million pounds on?

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