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Top tips for saving on your mobile

itemised phone bill and a silver penAre you spending more money on your phone than you need to? Well, here are some top tips for reducing your mobile outgoings.

Consider pay-as-you-go or SIM-only

If you rarely use your phone and you’re spending less than around £25 a month, then pay-as-you-go might be the way forward for you. SIM-only deals mean you keep your existing phone, but you pay your provider for a set number of minutes and texts. As you’re not getting a new phone, your line rental will be a lot cheaper. It also means you won’t be stuck if you forget to top up or run out of credit.

Keep it simple

Do you really need an all-singing, all-dancing phone? Why not get something a bit more basic? If you want the latest iPhone then you can expect to pay handsomely for the privilege. But if you know that making calls, sending texts and taking the odd photo is sufficient, then sticking to a simple phone will be one less hole in your pocket.

Don’t pay for more than you use

There’s no point paying £40 per month for 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts if you only use a fraction of them. Look at your most recent bills and go for a contract that costs less but covers your usage. You could even contact your current provider and ask that they reduce your monthly allowances and therefore your outgoings.

Go for a longer contract

Increasingly, there are 24-month and even 36-month deals available these days, which allow your provider to spread the cost. When you take out a contract and a new phone, part of your bill covers paying for your phone. The longer your contract, the longer you have to pay it off.

Cater for frequently-called numbers

If you have friends and family with a certain network, you might be able to get cheaper calls and texts to them, so keep this in mind. For example, Orange offers “magic numbers” where you can choose a number and call for free.

Consider a cap

If you know there’s only a certain amount you can pay a month, then arranging a cap will ensure you won’t exceed it. This is particularly worth considering if you pay for your children’s phones. If you’re paying through the nose for your teenage daughter’s contract, consider capping it.

Make use of bundles

If you think you’re going to go over your limit, ask about your supplier’s bundles. For example, with Vodafone, you can add 100 MMS (multimedia messages) per month for £2.50 - that's just two-and-a-half pence per message. A picture message is normally 36p and a video message 60p.

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Lisa Greenfield

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