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Health and fitness tips, tools and guides

From healthy living apps to hangover cures, here are all the tips, guides and tools you need to get fighting fit.

Top 5 health tips from our favourite fitness bloggers

Man doing fitness workout with exercise ball

Looking to get and stay in shape? Five fitness bloggers share their top tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

13 signs that healthy living is not for you

Couple training in the park

Eating well, exercising and enjoying the great outdoors - it's not for everyone. Here are 13 signs that healthy living isn't your forte.

Video: 6 favourite celebrity fitness trainers

Mr Motivator

To inspire you off the sofa into the gym, here's a round-up of six of the nation's favourite celebrity fitness trainers.

How do I live longer? 22 offbeat tips

Ways to live longer teaser

Ever wondered how to change your lifestyle in order to live longer? Check out these 22 ways to increase your life expectancy.

Hangover cures and the calorific cost of booze

Hangovers and calories infographic

How many calories in booze? And what hangover cure do you subscribe to? We take a look at the effect of a night on the town.

Smartphone apps for healthy living

Healthy apps graphic teaser

Whether it's to quit smoking, lose weight or combat stress, smartphones are used as our own personal wellness coaches.

Home health and fitness fails

Fitness fails teaser

Ever buy into a home fitness fad and never use it? Join the club. We take a look at how keeping fit at home doesn't always work out.

Monster eating challenges

Monster eating challenges teaser

Shows like Man v Food have popularised eating big, and some of the challenges featured are mammoth.

The UK's smoking hotspots

UK smoking hotspots teaser small

See where across the country smokers are failing to kick the habit with's UK smoking hotspots map.

Life expectancy calculator

Life expectancy calculator Calculate your life expectancy based on your health, happiness and even your friends.

Alcohol unit calculator

alcoholic drinks Work out how many units your drinks contain with our alcohol units calculator.

How many times you die in a day

Question mark with white background

Play our interactive video to find out how the little decisions you make each day could be the death of you.