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How much does life insurance cost? A video guide

Life insurance can be complicated and something that most people don't like to think about but it is a cost-effective way of protecting your family or mortgage in the event of your death.

Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance at offers his thoughts on the cost of life insurance in this short video.

Video transcription

You can buy life insurance through from as little as £5 a month; but how much cover you get depends on a large number of factors.

These include your age: so the older you are or your partner is, the greater the price.

Whether you’re a smoker:  the fact of the matter is, as a smoker, you’re much more likely to die younger than the equivalent non-smoker.

Your medical history, and your family’s: certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or a previous history of cancer for example, may mean a higher risk factor for the life insurance company.

How much cover you need: obviously the more cover you apply for, the greater the cost.

How long you need the cover for: again, fairly self-evident, but the longer the period you want the life insurance policy to cover, the greater the risk to the insurance company and therefore the higher the premium.

Thankfully though, getting a life insurance quote from is easy. Just work out how much cover you need and for how long, enter your personal details and we’ll give you quotes from a range of the UK’s leading life insurance companies. Saving you time, and hopefully getting you a great deal.

Want to know more about life insurance?

Watch one of the other short videos in our series that explain many of the frequently asked questions concerning life insurance.

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