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Our favourite entries for the Lego Builders competition

In February we challenged you to build your best Lego robots. 120 models later, we showcase our favourites.

LEGO Builders competition header

We wanted to celebrate the launch of The Lego Movie and our special advert made entirely in Lego.

So, we challenged you to create a Lego robot or a Lego BRIAN the Robot for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Our panel of judges were blown away with the response, and with such quality robots it was hard to choose a winner.

The gallery below showcases our shortlisted entries for the Apprentice and the Master Lego Builder categories.

Lego robot gallery

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After much deliberation, the judges finally selected their favourite build from each category.


Winner: Apprentice Lego Builder category

LEGO robot - designed by Tom Lockheart

Tom Lockheart said that his robot is best friends with R2-D2 (and BRIAN too, we hope!), and is filled to the brim with gadgets.

Our panel all agreed that the robot's retro charm, propeller hand and shoulder-mounted flamethrower made him a clear winner for the Apprentice category.

Well done, Tom!

For his efforts, Tom has won a LEGO Movie: Rescue Reinforcements set, as well as an annual pass to Legoland Windsor for him and his family.


Winner: Master Lego Builders category LEGO BRIAN - designed by Peter ReidThe Master Builders had a tougher challenge on their hands – they had to recreate BRIAN the Robot from Lego bricks.

One build stood out among the rest, and the winner of the Master Lego Builder category is Peter Reid.

Peter created a near picture-perfect likeness of BRIAN.

He says: "My Lego BRIAN came together fairly easily.

"I researched BRIAN, starting with the head, then spent a while getting his face looking right.

"The entire model was finished in a couple of days. I'm quite happy with the end result."

'I've been building Lego for years'

It was an almost unanimous decision by our panel that Peter's BRIAN bore the closest resemblance to his real-life counterpart.

He has won a Lego Mindstorms EV-3 robotics kit as well as one of the cars used in our special Lego advert.

Well done, Peter! You can view Peter's other Lego creations here.

"I've been building Lego robots for many years, and one thing I've learned about robot making is the need to love your subject," says Peter.

"I'm not ashamed to admit my feelings for BRIAN. He's awesome, and I enjoyed doing the research!"

Peter is also the creator of the Lego Exo Suit, a model that was recently accepted by the Lego Cuusoo project and will soon become an official set.

What do you think?

What's your favourite Lego robot in this list?

We want to hear from you! You can share your views on our message board below.

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