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Behind the scenes of the LEGO advert

As part of the world's first all LEGO ad-break, one of's latest adverts was remade entirely from LEGO® bricks. Here's how it was made.

Video transcription:

STEVE NICHOLLS: BRIAN the robot is the embodiment of He's a naïve little thing, which allows him to go into situations that you or I wouldn't normally go in, and that leads to the ad that we turned into this LEGO ad. It's a spot called "boy racer".

JONAS MCQUIGGIN: Basically our brief was to match the original so we broke down the ad in, basically a shot by shot basis.

We compared it and did an overlay over what we were shooting with LEGO and overlaid it and made sure that the depth of field was right, the lens was right, the lighting was right, the way the character turns its head, the way the car moves in the background.

Basically, frame by frame, we could tell exactly what we needed to do out of LEGO.

STEVE: We went down to see our ad transformed into LEGO; it's amazing. Every little detail was there - the cars in the background, the trees, the cast, the clothes they were wearing.

We even had a little BRIAN made out of LEGO, which was really cute.

JONAS: In the spots we probably had roughly a thousand bricks, we estimate. We won't know for certain, but based off some simple calculations. I guess it doesn't really include the number of pieces that we needed to purchase in order to source the specific bricks we needed to construct the set.

We shot with a single camera, a single digital SLR. We had five or six high-wattage film lights that we use, and on set we pretty much had three Macs all the time to kind of help us - between the animators, myself and the DP just to find the right angle and the right lighting for the advert to match it.

STEVE: Now having seen the finished film, it's superb. With the soundtrack from the original ad played over the top of the animation, it really brings it to life.



Jamie Gibbs

Jamie Gibbs

Jamie Gibbs is a Content Producer at, and is a self-confessed retro geek. If you spot an 80s pop culture reference, chances are he's the one who put it there.

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