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House-hunters list top 10 turn-offs


By Mark Stillman

Prospective home buyers have named their top 10 biggest decorative turn-offs in a new survey.

Woodchip wallpaper, mirrored ceilings and nude portraits are the worst no-nos for house-hunters, according to a poll of 2,000 would-be purchasers by the NeedaProperty website.

Woodchip wallpaper, a 1970s favourite, is cheap paper containing small chips of wood which gives the effect of a textured wall finish and hides flawed or cracked walls.

Avocado bathrooms an off putting feature

Hot tubs, an avocado bathroom suite, a collection of stuffed, dead animals and have-a-go 1980s paint techniques such as "rag rolling" and stencilling were also among the most off-putting features listed.

Over two-thirds (67%) of people polled said they would put in a lower bid if a home was crammed with such bad taste features.

This would dissuade about one in three from making an offer, buying the property and taking out home insurance on it, the poll found.

The colour of the front door appears key too.

Pink was selected as the biggest turn-off, with more than a quarter (26%) of votes.

Red voted most attractive front door colour

Conversely, property sellers seeking to entice buyers might consider fitting granite kitchen surfaces, a wooden floor, a wood burning stove, a roll-top bath or a US-style fridge.

These were all named among the best turn-ons during the survey, while red was the most attractive front door colour with 13% of the vote.

A luxury car in the driveway was also named as a huge plus point for 15% of respondents.

More than a quarter (27%) of people polled would be prepared to pay above the asking price if a property had lots of must-have features.

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