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Detached houses the most popular

For sale sign20/5/14

By Ian Lewis

A detached house is the most desirable type of home for Britons, according to a new survey.

The research by loan firm Ocean Finance found that almost a fifth (19.3%) of those questioned said that a detached house is what they would most like to set up home in.

The second most popular option was a small country cottage, with 17.2% of respondents saying this is the home they would most like to own.

Perfect property

In third was a farmhouse with a smallholding of land, with 15% saying this would be their perfect type of property.

Some 12.9% said they would like to be the owners of a bungalow and 6.5% said they would most prefer to live in a flat or apartment. 

Perhaps surprisingly, just 5.6% said their number one choice would be a castle or a converted barn or church, and a modest 4.7% said a townhouse or terrace would be where they would reside in an ideal world.

There were some regional variations in the results, however. More people in the East Midlands (18.1%) and Yorkshire (16.9%) said they'd prefer to live in a cottage than a detached house.

'Modest aspirations'

Those surveyed in Northern Ireland, the South West and Wales, on the other hand, said a farmhouse with smallholding would be their home of choice. 

This was the case for more than a fifth (22.2%) of those quizzed in Northern Ireland. Some 19.9% chose this option in the South West and 21.9% felt the same way in Wales.

Residents in the North East, meanwhile, said they dreamt of living in a bungalow, with 19.1% saying they'd like to own one.

Ocean Finance spokesman Ian Williams said: "Rates of homeownership may continue to decline but the idea of owning our own place remains deeply engrained.

"Typically we have fairly modest aspirations - preferring a detached house to a 'Grand Design', for example.

"And while most of us live in urban areas, the draw of rural living in the 'chocolate box' country cottage remains very strong."

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