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Lloyds cuts mortgage borrowing cap

  •  05 Aug, 2014
Moving signs outside houses

The country's largest home-buying lender has reduced the amount of money people can borrow under the landmark Government scheme designed to stimulate mortgage activity.

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Cambridge 'quickest to sell houses'

  •  17 Jul, 2014
Sold sign

Houses sell faster in Cambridge than in any other part of the country, according to a new survey.

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Warmest day hope before big storm

  •  16 Jul, 2014
Flooded street

A powerful summer storm is threatening to bring flooding to parts of the UK this weekend.

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Students' gadgets 'worth £2,883'

An Apple iPhone with social media software

Students are taking thousands of pounds worth of gadgets to university with them as they become increasingly reliant on technology for study and leisure, a poll suggests.

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Plan for zero-carbon homes revealed

  •  05 Jun, 2014
Solar panels on house roof

Renewable energy experts have criticised Government plans to water down a move to make all new-build homes "zero-carbon".

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Study raises post-burglary concerns

  •  02 Jun, 2014
Burglar opening patio doors

A quarter of people who have their homes broken into suffer anxiety, depression or other mental health problems afterwards, according to a new study.

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Detached houses the most popular

  •  20 May, 2014
For sale sign

A detached house is the most desirable type of home for Britons, according to a new survey.

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Bank willing to cool housing market

  •  19 May, 2014
Estate agents' signs

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has admitted that steps could soon be taken to cool Britain's surging housing market.

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Future lies in remote-control homes

  •  16 May, 2014
A woman using her mobile

The idea of a smart, digital home is becoming a more common and accepted idea, according to new research by a British energy company.

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Warning on lack of trusted builders

  •  12 May, 2014
A handyman's toolbelt

British homeowners are not doing maintenance and repair work because they cannot find builders and other tradesmen they can trust, according to a survey.

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