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Universal provident health insurance

Universal Provident health insurance
Customer services
0844 873 0902
  • John Ormond House
  • 899 Silbury Boulevard
  • Central Milton Keynes
  • MK9 3XL

Why choose Universal Provident health insurance?

  • Choice - a range of flexible plans to help you find a policy that suits your needs
  • Universal Provident has one of the most extensive hospital lists on the market
  • A unique 90-day wait option is on offer, providing full cover for many common conditions at a lower cost than standard private health insurance

Universal Provident health insurance facts

  • Plans include a wide selection of excesses - giving customers the option to reduce their premiums
  • Three hospital scales are on offer, so there is no need to insure against the cost of staying in expensive London hospitals if you know you will never need to
  • Inpatient only cover module includes MRI, CT and PET scans

Who are Universal Provident?

Established in 1994, Universal Provident forms one part of the Personal Group- one of the leading providers of employee benefits and health insurance.

Their approach is to listen to its customers and respond to what they need in an innovative and forward thinking manner by anticipating what might be required in the future and developing their offers accordingly.

Universal Provident's health insurance plans have a flexible, modular structure, with a wide-range of treatment options, a generous fee scale and comprehensive hospital coverage.

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